July 2020

What were we thinking? Carpeted bathrooms.. Love it, or Loose it?!

Posted on Jul 27, 2020

By Tyler Difley via CREBNOW

For many people, carpeted bathrooms inspire a lot of disdain, as well as a visceral feeling that something is terribly wrong. Modern-day defenders of this peculiar design choice do exist, but they appear to be vastly outnumbered.

To get to the bottom of things, it’s worth exploring how carpeted bathrooms originated, their...

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Six easy ways to spruce up your backyard for summer

Posted on Jul 06, 2020

By Tyler Difley 

Despite the gradual reopening of businesses and other public spaces as part of Alberta’s relaunch strategy, COVID-19 still loom large in our daily lives several months into the pandemic. As a result, the humble backyard might be where many Calgarians spend much of their time outdoors this summer – whether they’re seeking...

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