Change Is In The Air!

I hope you enjoyed a nice, relaxing Summer!

September is a month that signals new beginnings. More than January, the dawn of September feels like the start of a new year for a variety of reasons.
Life settles into a routine. Vacations and lazy days of summer are over. Days are getting shorter and nights are getting cooler. The arc of the sun changes making sunlight less intense.

As kids return to school and the smell of Pumpkin Spice surrounds us, a change is in the air.. 
ohh and I returned to P
remiere Realty-Direct..
There's just something about feeling like you're Home again!

Still the same great service, still the same great passion for Real Estate!

If you're in the market to buy before Winter sets in (now is still a great time!), or sell and try something new.. let's chat.. with a commitment to get you what you're looking for,
at a price that will make you smile, we'll devise a plan that will, literally, MOVE you!

And even if you're not looking to buy, or sell right now, that's ok.
Let's connect for coffee.. or a Pumpkin Spice Latte (on me, of course!), we'll catch up,
and who knows what the next season has in store for YOU!

Happy September!